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About the Artist

I have been designing and creating jewelry for over 25 years and enjoy every minute of the creative process. But making jewelry isn't the first time I remember "making something really pretty!" It started in upstate New York where I was born, in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. I was outside playing in the mud, yep, we know how children love to get messy! I was making mud pies and then I "baked" them until they were done. Well, the water evaporated and the mud became solid, so to me, I had actually accomplished something very worthwhile!

Another memory I have about creating something pretty and magical was when I was in elementary school. The class was given an assignment to copy a picture of a little boy sitting or standing on a dock, holding a fishing pole. I became very intent on getting each line just right. As I sat drawing, in a world only belonging to me, I was abruptly interrupted by the teacher who was standing at my desk. OMGosh! Had I done something wrong? No. The teacher picked up my drawing, held it up to the class for all to see and said, "Students, I would like your attention. Please look at Debbie's drawing, this is how your drawing should look." I don't believe I had ever felt so proud and embarrassed at the same time!

I have other memories as well regarding the creative process and how personally rewarding it can be. I recall my grandmother teaching me how to make those big chunky beaded rings in the 1970's and my aunt teaching me how to decoupage. I remember the art class in college, and taking classes at the major craft stores we all know so well. Over the years, I have not only learned many techniques for creating art is so many glorious forms but I have also taught arts and crafts and jewlery making. Is jewelry making an art, a craft, or both, that's your call. To me, it's both. I have taught my son's teachers, at local gatherings, and at those major chain craft stores.

So, jewelry. It is my life. I live to create and create to live. I always like to say that my "work" is imagination inspired. I try very hard to feel that same feeling as I did after "baking" the mud pie I had made many moons ago. I strive to do the best I am able every day of my life by creating jewelry which others will like as well. I pay attention to the fine details and if something goes awry during the creative process, I start over and over until I get the results I want. I wonder how many times I made that mud pie until it was just right? I wonder how many pies I made? In any case,'s my world!

Thank you for visiting my website, Art Is Me and I look forward to hearing from you!


Tele: 724-713-0395



Elastic Butterfly Bracelet with Metal Stamp
Elastic Butterfly Bracelet with Metal Stamp
My Heart to Yours Necklace
My Heart to Yours Necklace
Strawberry Bead Earrings
Strawberry Bead Earrings
Sterling Silver and Copper Ring
Sterling Silver and Copper Ring
$35.00 $25.00
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